About Us

5 powerful investors, each with a record of success in their field, joined forces to establish Dinesty;

Metin Şen - Chairman of the Board
Levent Bilgin - Member of the Board
Aslı Şen - Member of the Board
Yaşar Gümüşel - Member of the Board

With such strong backgrounds in their spheres of expertise, these investors have set out with Dinesty to emulate their achievements in the construction, real estate and energy in the food & beverage sector.

Our founding partners have single-mindedly followed their passions with a clear purpose: to create unforgettable, distinctive culinary pleasures that offer their guests an experience that thrills their senses of smell, sight, taste and touch - all based on a dedication to the highest standards of excellence.

As well as boasting a strong financial structure and investor partnership, Dinesty is distinguished by its wide ranging communications network that brings together investors and operators.

Moving forward with a management team boasting a wealth of experience in the food & beverage sector, Dinesty is a young company employing specialists in building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Focusing its strengths on investment, innovation and a dedication to offer guests absolutely unique experiences, Dinesty aims to achieve consistent growth by maintaining and developing its long record of success in the food & beverage sector in Turkey.

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